Dec 22, 2006

Dogfish Head Midas Touch Golden Elixir

I’d seen this one on several occasions in the past, but it never piqued my interest. I suppose that is due to my reluctance to branch out into the fruit beer realm of the industry. But personal growth is a good thing, so I picked up a bottle recently. I’m glad I did.

Beer Label: Dogfish Head Midas Touch


The Midas Touch has a sweet, fruity aroma with elements of grape, pear, and a bit of honey. The higher alcohol also has a bit of a presence, though not an overpowering one.


We poured the beer into wine glasses as suggested by Dogfish Head. It felt a little odd doing so, but was immediately obvious after the beer settled and we tasted for the first time. As far as the appearance goes, the beer pours a gold base with rose hues. It looks very much like a light zinfandel. There is a light, but active carbonation. The beer truly is a good looking beer in terms of color and head.


The flavors and carbonation make this beer quite satisfying and pleasant. There is the immediate grape flavors and sweetness that lingers long after the glass has been set back on the table. It’s sweet enough to leave that grape juice stickiness on your lips. There is a slight heat that becomes more apparent as the beer warms.


Wow. I would have to rank this one up there among my favorites. There’s a little too much going on to make it a daily drinker, but Midas Touch is a definite choice for those times when you want a little something different. It would be excellent for after dinner enjoyment or as a champagne alternative. I might have to find a larger bottle for New Years eve. Rating: 4.25/5