Dec 7, 2006

“…for a drop of sweet beer.”

The Barley Blog is all about beer, but like a fine micro-brew or import this site is a complex mix of flavors and ingredients. There are many facets to beer that need to be explored. And those can only be fully probed by drinking great beers.

“I would kill everyone in this room for a drop of sweet beer.” – Homer J. Simpson

And we would, too, you know. We like beer that much. Really.

Welcome to the Barley Blog

We’ll have reviews on as many beers as we can get our hands one — I’m partial to stouts and porters if you’re looking to send donations. Our editors will jump head first into beer news, culture, paraphernalia, advertising, and even a little home brewing (even though my own experience is limited to stirring mash for the father-in-law). We’ll make mistakes — usually after attempting to write reviews after sampling one too many. So we’re going to rely on you all out there to suggest a beer, set us straight, or just plain make fun of us. We can take it. If it has to do with beer, we’ll talk about it.

The Drinker(s)

Admittedly, we’re beer snobs to a degree, but more importantly we are just fans of good beer. Period. Hopefully, you’ll find the commentary here unpretentious, down to earth, and fun. The drinker in chief, yours truly, as well as my conspirators have extensive knowledge in the nectar of the gods. We started raw during our “natty lite” days, but slowly and thankfully, evolved into sophisticated drinkers, with a thirst for fine Belgians, hoppy IPAs, and annual seasonals. Our palettes have been honed, our guts prepared.

We like to think that our familiarity with beer and our somewhat childish humor will make for a great combination at The Barley Blog.

Now, go grab a pint.