Jan 3, 2007

Barley Blog Image Suggestions

After the initial launch of this site just last month, I thought it would be interesting to offer up a different masthead image every now and again. The creation of the brewery scene above took some time, but I enjoyed the process thoroughly and can’t wait to tackle a few ideas that I currently have.

As of right now the short list includes:

I know that the above list is small and somewhat vague, but it’s what I’ve got so far. The reason for bringing this up is that I would love to hear suggestions on what you think would make a decent masthead image. I’m not worried about the time it takes to create or, in the case of the monasteries, faithfully recreate a photo in a more illustrated style.

For each illustration, I plan to share the design process. For instance you can view the steps in the creation of the brewery scene.

Feel free to comment with your ideas below. Thanks.