Nov 2, 2007

The Session #9: Beer and Music

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I obviously like beer and I can’t get enough music in my system. So why on earth is this month’s Session giving me fits?

I think primarily that it comes down to my preference for two things — where I tend to drink my beer and the type of music that I listen to.

Let’s start off by saying I’m a bit of a homebody when it comes to enjoying a tasty beverage. I like the comfort of familiar surroundings. Now, if I had a pub in the area that I could really get into, then this may be a different matter, but I don’t, so it isn’t.

The other half of my problem relates to the type of music that I listen to. You can visit another of my sites to get an idea of what I assault my ears with on a daily basis. I’ve been listening to one form of aggressive music or another going on 16 plus years. It’s ingrained in who I am, just like my preference for really rich, earthy stouts.

It’s natural for me to be listening to some evil riffs while enjoying a brew at home. For most others (my wife for example), the music is too grating to actually enjoy with or without a beer and thus near impossible for them to relate to. I suppose that’s why I’ve been struggling with this month’s assignment. I don’t know many beer geeks that are also metal heads.

Whether it be sitting in your favorite pub with some friends, listening to a local band butcher a cover song or sitting at home with a brew listening to a band sing about butchering their neighbor, music makes everything that much more enjoyable. Now, throw your favorite album into the ipod/turntable/CD player, grab a finely crafted beer and enjoy the weekend.