Jun 10, 2008

Arcadia Ales IPA

Arcadia Ales is one of the latest additions to the shelves at one of my local shops. So for the only beer available from them is the IPA. The shop owner, who specializes in wine more than he does beer, told me that he had just had a bottle of it the previous night and enjoyed it.

So on his suggestion I went ahead and picked up one for the sampler pack. In retrospect, I think I would have been better off going with a more proven example of the genre that I know I would have enjoyed. It’s not, by any means, a bad beer. It’s just not as good as the motley crew of IPAs that normally inhabits my fridge.

Beer Label: Arcadia Ales IPA


The Arcadia IPA pours a slightly opaque amber with a light tan head that left sticky lacing along the glass.


It definitely smells like an IPA. Strong and dominate hop profile up front with a subtle citrus and sweetness in the background.


This one was served fairly chilled so it was crisp and refreshing. It’s got a nice hop presence and finishes crisp with a bit of a pucker. A strong lemon characteristic is present throughout the swallow, as well as a subtle honey sweetness.


Like I said, it’s not a bad beer. Maybe I’ll pick one up again in the future, but when there are so many other IPA out there that I know won’t fail me, the Arcadia IPA just isn’t strong enough to sway me from the old reliables.

Rating: 3/5