Oct 30, 2008

Green Flash Brewing Double Stout

I’ve heard great things about Green Flash Brewing in the past, but had never found any of their products in my area. A couple of weekends ago we were invited to a get together at one of my wife’s college friends. Luckily for me, their house was a few miles away from Norm’s Beer and Wine in Vienna.

Upon entering the store, I had a few items that I was specifically on the look out for (none of which I found) and did my best not to go overboard. Of course, I picked up several stouts, a few IPAs and a couple Belgian brews, but I was really looking forward to the Double Stout from Green Flash the most. It proved to be the best purchase of that trip.

Beer Label: Green Flash Brewing Double Stout


The Double pours a midnight black with a large, dark tan head that lasted a good while.


First and foremost is the chocolate and coffee notes. They jump out of the glass big and strong, followed by more subtle earthier malt notes. This one smells great.


I’m pretty sure I was near speechless for the first few sips while I reveled in this smooth, rich brew. This one is well balanced between the coffee and chocolate characteristics, as a smooth, smoky roasted malt presence makes itself known. The overall combination results in a wonderful medley of flavors along the lines of a dark, rich cigar.


“Damned near the perfect stout.” That’s what my notes say. The Double Stout is rich, well balanced and flavorful without pushing to extremes — there are certainly more complex beers out there. It’s a smooth, easily drinkable brew that I will definitely be picking up again.

Rating: 4.4/5