Oct 24, 2008

Left Hand Brewing Milk Stout

I could have sworn I had published a review of Left Hand Brewing’s Milk Stout before, but a quick search of the site proves otherwise. It’s a good thing I liked the beer enough to purchase a couple more bottles this second time around.

At any rate, I’ve had a few milk stouts in my time, but this one is certainly one of the better (if not the best) ones I’ve had. It fit the genre perfectly without pushing any one characteristic too far — well balanced and smooth.

Beer Label: Left Hand Brewing Milk Stout


The Milk Stout poured a very dark, impenetrable brown with a short lived, but full tan head.


There’s a slight sweetness to the nose that goes real well with the chocolate and coffee aromas. There’s also a nice earthy, roast malt presence that was a welcoming surprise.


This one is a bit more complex than your standard milk stout. The roasted malt gives it a nice earthy flavor that goes well with the coffee overtones and subtle chocolates. There’s a slightly dry, bitter finish that sticks with you for a bit.


I was pleasantly surprised with this beer. It had a nice full bodied feel, but wasn’t overly chewy and the complexity of the flavors presented was a nice change up from some of the overly sweet and creamy milk stouts I’ve had in the past. It’s robust, rich and down right good.

Rating: 4/5