May 5, 2008

Missed Session and Another New Shirt

I tried to get my article wrapped up for this past Friday’s Session, but I was just having too much fun with the kid while my wife escaped for a girl’s weekend to the beach. Funny thing is, I think I got more sun than she did.

At any rate to keep a long story brief, my roommate in college (about 11-12 years ago) and I found a small deli in downtown Fredericksburg called the Savvy Gourmet. The place no longer exists and I’m not sure that it was open for more than a year, but the owner/operator had a small cooler that was full of big bottles of Rogue, Celebrator and a several others that I can’t remember.

Since my buddy at the time had a little more knowledge than myself about brews other than the mass produced swill I was enjoying at the time, he was able to talk the talk and walk the walk when it came to craft beers. In fact, we both ended up knowing plenty more than the owner regarding the beers he carried — I suppose that allowed us to buy while still not quite 21.

Of the beers we bought from the Savvy Gourmet, I distinctly remember having a bottle of Rogue’s HazelNut Brown Nectar and having the feeling of excitement and confusion that a beer could even taste like that. I also remember not liking it that much, but I finished the bottle and became a craft brew fan from that point on, that is, when my meager earnings as a waiter allowed me the opportunity to explore other micro-brews.

It’s Time for a Beer Revolution

I’m not entirely sure where that quote came from, but I think I overheard a couple of folks at a festival a couple of years ago and it sort of stuck with me for some odd reason. So, while working on some graphics for a different project, that line of text seeped back into my brain and as a result we have the below image:

I’m not even sure what the quote means or if it’s really relevant to today’s craft environment, but I like how the design turned out. It’s available at Cafepress on several shirt types.