Dec 29, 2009

Batemans Rosey Nosey

The shipment of beer that this complimentary bottle of Batemans Rosey Nosey (sent from Alan Shapiro from SBS Imports) was supposed to arrive on the 23rd, but due to latent issues from the near two feet of snow that arrived last weekend it was delayed. I spent the following 10-12 hours repeatedly hitting refresh on the Fedex tracking page in hopes that there would be an update on the shipment. Sad, I know, but this was like a Christmas gift from the mighty beer gods.

The box eventually arrived midday Christmas Eve and having sat in a cold delivery truck overnight was chilled to a decent temperature. Rosey Nosey is the first from Batemans that I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy — and a pretty tasty brew at that.

Batemans Rosey Nosey


Rosey Nosey pours a rustic, reddish brown with a small head that faded to a thin, patchy lacing.


Bisquity malts dominate the nose with a little cereal and light caramel in the background. There are some light hop notes in there, but they are subtle.


This is definitely a smooth, British ale. It’s got a great malt base that’s rich and flavorful. The caramel comes out a bit more than in the nose and blends nicely with the smooth, clean finish. I could certainly go for a few of these.


Perhaps it’s my spoiled (or battered) palate, but when I think of a winter warmer, I think of something with a little oomph. At about 5% ABV, Rosey Nosey isn’t what I would consider warm. That said, its taste, balance and smoothness make it a very drinkable brew that would no doubt end up warming me nicely after a few of them.

Rating: 3/5

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