Dec 30, 2009

Best Beers of 2009

After writing up the 2009 year in review last night, I began to think of the many brews that I had enjoyed this year and figured I’d compile a list of my favorites. I mean, who doesn’t love a pretentious “best of” list?

This is something that I probably should have included in that first post, but will serve nicely as an addendum. So, in no particular order or ranking, here are a few of my favorite beers of 2009:

There were so many great beers that I had over the past year, but I just couldn’t list them all. That’s what the “Reviews” category link in the sidebar is for. There are a few others that I’ve enjoyed recently that haven’t yet received a full review, but will shortly — Brewdog Paradox Islay, De Proef Witte Noire and a few others. Stay tuned.

In the spirit of full disclosure, those items flagged with the * were bottles that I received as samples from their respective brewery or PR agency.