Jan 13, 2009

Brooklyn Winter Ale

I honestly have yet to find a Brooklyn Brewery beer that I haven’t enjoyed to great extent. From their Black Chocolate Stout (it only gets better with age) to their Local 1, the company simply produces quality brews. For as many Brooklyn beers as I’ve had, their Winter Ale is one that has only recently shown up on the shelves at my local shop.

Having never had the Winter Ale before, I did a bit of research to find that it had recently undergone a recipe change. It’s really not your typical winter seasonal ale. Forgoing the typical spices associated with the genre, the brewery instead went with a more Scottish feel to the brew, incorporating British floor malts and hops to achieve the effect.

Beer Label: Brooklyn Winter Ale


The Brooklyn Winter Ale pours a clean, copper in color with a very large, off-white head (due to my overly aggressive pour). As this one disappeared from the glass, it left a wonderful lacing along the sides.


Sweet malt and caramels dominate the nose with subtle fruits in the background (pear, perhaps). There’s also a slight toast in there that reminds me a good deal of their Oktoberfest Beer.


The taste is right inline with everything I got in the aroma. It’s rich brew with decent body. It’s similar to their Oktoberfest, but a bit more on the bolder side. The soft pear compliments the toasted malt wonderfully as it finishes with a semi sweet caramel presence.


I initially thought the lack of spices to the brew would sway my opinion of this being a “winter ale,” but I’ll be damned if I didn’t inhale the six pack I bought. Both my wife and I found it to be one of our favorites from the season, right up their with Anderson Valley’s Winter Solstice (which we’ve had quite a bit of this year). Brooklyn has got another hit on their hands with this well balanced, flavorful brew.

Rating: 3.5/5

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