May 26, 2009

Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout

I love it when new products make their way onto the limited shelf space of my local shop. I know absolutely nothing about Duck-Rabbit, except for the story behind the brewery’s name.

Described as a “…traditional full-bodied stout…” this brew was anything but full-bodied. The taste and aroma were spot on for the style, but it was quite lighter than most milk stouts I’ve had.

Beer Label: Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout


The beer pours like cola with not much of a head. For a stout it was fairly transparent.


Lactose, roasted malt and sweet, this one certainly has that aspect of the style correct. It’s aroma also contains a light bit of cocoa.


As far as the taste goes, Duck-Rabbit have got it in line with what one would expect from the style, but the beer is a touch too light in feel for my liking — I personally would like more of a chewiness to a stout. The flavors include lactose sweetness, a light roasted malt and cocoa in the finish. There’s a nice coffee presence that doesn’t have the typical bitter finish.


While I found this one too light for what I would expect in a stout, it is quite drinkable. The flavors are good and when combined with the lighter mouthfeel, the beer goes down well — almost too well. I went though the several bottles I had of this one quickly.

It’s a decent beer that would serve as a nice introduction to stouts for those afraid of something too robust and chewy.

Rating: 3/5

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