Dec 16, 2009

Karl Strauss Fullsuit

I don’t surf. Never have. So the name “Fullsuit” initially lead me to believe the theme of this beer was poker related. Apparently, a fullsuit is a type of full body wet suit that surfers wear in colder water. Knowing that now, I love the name of this brew, especially considering the location of this Southern California brewery.

Now, on to the beer. Fullsuit is a Belgian-style Brown Ale that’s brewed “…with a blend of brown and caramel malts, and fermented with a Belgian yeast strain…” You can read more over at the press release.

Karl Strauss Releases New Winter Wamer


The sample of Fullsuit I received from the brewery pours a deep brown with a light tan head.


The caramel malts are definitely there as is a light coffee presence. There are also light woody and vanilla notes lingering in there.


Roasted malt is the first thing you taste, followed quickly by a little peppery yeast. The oak chipping imparts a light woodiness and subtle vanilla while the finish is semi-dry with a herbal touch (a little clove in there perhaps). The beer is fairly smooth and creamy with a medium body.


Personally, I’m used to a little more spice in a winter warmer, so Fullsuit was a change of pace in those terms. The Belgian yeast and oak chipping adds an interesting twist on the style and at 6.3% ABV, the beer is quite drinkable. I don’t believe that it would pose a challenge to my favorite brews of the season, but it’s definitely a nicely crafted option for those looking for something different from their usual go-to warmer.

Rating: 3/5

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