May 8, 2009

Sam Adams Imperial White

Sam Adams doing a beefed up version of a witbier? Really? Sweet.

At least, that was my reaction after enjoying the surprisingly good Imperial Stout from Boston Beer. The Imperial White is another in the company’s Imperial Series and is, yet again, a surprise in it’s own right.

I was initially skeptical of this one as I eyed in on the shelf. Sam Adams and I haven’t always seen eye to eye when discussing their wheat based beers (Cherry Wheat, I’m looking at you). Lucky for both of us, this wasn’t a product destined for the sink.

Beer Label: Sam Adams Imperial White


This one pours a hazy amber with a nice orange tint to it. The creamy off-white head faded slowly.


Orange zest, a grassiness from the wheat and spices (clove and coriander, perhaps) dominate the nose on each sniff. I didn’t get a whole lot of banana as is typical of the style.


First off, the mouthfeel on the Imperial White is much thicker, more viscous than any other witbier I’ve had. It’s full of malt sweetness, wheat, spices and fruits. A light orange and banana combination comes out more as the beer warms. At 10.3% ABV this is one brew you want to take slow.


This brew was not at all what I was expecting. Due to the higher alcohol and its thickness i would almost expect this to be something I would sip in the winter, but the spices and fruit remind me of hot summer days. Perhaps I’ll try and save some for the winter and see how they hold up over time. Sam Adams Imperial White is a unique take on a witbier — one that I thoroughly enjoyed and, despite the price tag of a four pack, will be buying it again.

Rating: 3.5/5

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