Feb 19, 2009

Sierra Nevada Torpedo

Beer Label: Sierra Nevada Torpedo

As this is the first product from Sierra Nevada to be produced year-round in over 28 years, you can imagine that there’s plenty of hype surrounding it. Billed as a “…big American IPA; bold, assertive and full of flavor…” Torpedo certainly lived up to my expectations.

On any given day during the summer you are sure to find a bottle or two of Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale in the fridge. A favorite of my wife, it usually fits the bill for what she needs after a hot day chasing around after the kid. With the introduction of Torpedo, I believe her go-to-beer’s position is at risk.


Torpedo pours a bright gold topped by a massive, fluffy head that faded slowly.


The brewery isn’t messing around when they describe the beer as assertive. The nose is dominated with handfuls of hop and piny notes. There’s also a healthy dose of citrus in there, as well as a subtle herbal spiciness.


Yup, it’s hoppy, but without creating the hop bomb pucker. Sierra Nevada have done well avoiding too much of an intense hop presence, balancing it with a subtle malty presence. Torpedo is a hoppy, yet smooth beer that offers just the right about of bite and bitterness without going overboard.


The first six pack of what is sure to be many, many more disappeared quickly over this past weekend. Torpedo is an excellent addition to the Sierra Nevada line of year round beers. It’s flavorful, refreshing and well balanced.

Rating: 3.75/5

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