May 3, 2010

Heavy Seas Siren Noire

Label: Heavy Seas Siren Noire

I’ve had a couple of the Mutiny Fleet beers from Heavy Seas over the past year or so, and was really looking forward to finding this particular release from the series. Perhaps my expectations were too high after really enjoying the last couple of bottles from the company’s big beer line, but Siren Noire just didn’t challenge my taste buds like I expected — like others in the series had.

It’s a decent, smooth drinking English style imperial stout, but like I said, I may have been expecting something a little more robust.


Siren Noire pours a near black with a light, mocha colored head. It certainly looks good in the glass.


The light roasted coffee and dark chocolates mingle nicely with a bit of booziness. It’s got a very smooth nose.


Right or wrong, whenever I drink a chocolate infused stout, I am inevitably going to compare it to one of my favorites — Brooklyn’s Black Chocolate Stout — especially if the beer is billed as an “imperial chocolate stout.” Right from the start, the Siren Noire is a bit on the thin side. I like my stouts with a little more body. The beer does have a well balanced blend of roasted malt, coffee and chocolate that is quite warming with the 8.0% ABV. The finish is drying and warm with a bit of bitterness.


Truthfully, the Mutiny Fleet series of beer have much better brews than Siren Noire. That’s not necessarily a knock on this stout, but I don’t feel it quite lives up to the billing. That all said, this is still a fine brew that is, despite the higher ABV, quite drinkable and tasty. I personally would just want a little more robust and distinctive flavor to come through.

Rating: 3/5

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