Mar 22, 2010

The Bruery Saison Rue

Of the three bottles of Belgian inspired beers from The Bruery that I purchased last month, the Saison Rue was probably my favorite. The Orchard White was a tasty witbier that I would purchase again. The Black Orchard (no review as of this post) was an interesting beer to say the least that was enjoyed down at the in-laws a couple of weekends ago.

Saison Rue is a Belgian/French farmhouse style ale that is a pretty damned good take on the style. The wild yeast stain used in the brew gives it the subtle funk and tartness that I love in a good Saison.


Orange tinted amber in color, the beer poured with a massive white head that faded slowly. It was clean and clear in appearance.


It definitely has a farmhouse funk to it that’s at just the right levels. The rye used in the brew is also evident and balanced nicely with some peppery spice notes. There’s also a hint of slightly bitter hops in there, as well.


Right away the crisp and active mouthfeel on the beer is a hit. It’s a lively brew with more rye flavors, peppery notes and a slight tartness to the finish from the hops. The funk is there, but mellow and more than welcome.


I wish I had put a bit more of a chill on this one at serving time, but even at cellar temperature it hit the spot. The overall blend of the light funk, pepper, light fruits and the hops make this one a beer I will definitely get again now that the weather is warming up. Can’t wait to enjoy a glass of this on the newly procured hammock.

Rating: 4/5

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