Dec 27, 2010

Weyerbacher Tiny

Weyerbacher Tiny Label

Well the Christmas weekend has come and gone (all too quickly) and I have a back log of beer reviews that I’ve got to get posted. I’m going to try and squeeze as many as I can into the next few days, before 2011 is upon us.

This Belgian inspired Imperial Stout from Weyerbacher Brewing is one of those stouts that is a bit deceptive in nature. This brew is anything but tiny. At 11.8 % ABV and full of roasty, wonderful goodness this limited release stout is one of the last few beers to make my favorite beers list to be posted later this week.

It’s a beer that has all the right ingredients for your well-crafted imperial stout, but then it takes a bit of a left turn with the use of an Abbey yeast strain. The decision to use this particular yeast turns out to be an excellent one, as the dark roast coffee and chocolates mingle wonderfully with hints of dark fruits and a distinct Belgian presence.


The cork pops loudly from the bottle, letting you know Tiny is in the house. The brew pours a deep black in color with a good sized, dark brown head that faded to a patchy string of bubbles on the surface.


It’s impossible not to get excited for this one after a few initial sniffs. Tiny is chock full of dark roast coffee, dark chocolates and that Belgian yeast. There’s also a presence of dark fruits, a peppery tingle on the nose and a light glow of the higher ABV.


After the initial wave of sweet chocolate, roasted coffee, a touch of smoke and the dark fruits, it becomes pretty apparent that Tiny is an excellent blend of two styles. There’s the obvious characteristics of the Imperial Stout. There’s also the dark fruits and yeast of a Belgian Quad in the mix. The combination of the two makes for a hell of a brew. The full and silky mouthfeel gives way to a lingering dry finish as the glowing warmth of alcohol comes into play, as well.


Weyerbacher has hit a home run with this brew. It’s big, bold and tasty — perfect for sipping after dinner as the cold wind howls outside. I need to find more of this as I think it will do wonders with a little time under it’s belt in the basement. An excellent brew!

Rating: 4.5/5

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