Dec 10, 2010

Weyerbacher Winter Ale

Weyerbacher Winter Ale

It’s cold out side. Like, unseasonably cold outside. And while some folks may rather crank up the heat to sub-tropic temperatures in order to combat the chill, I dive into the seasonal releases of some of my favorite breweries.

I’ve enjoyed Weyerbacher’s winter warmer a few times in the past, but it never dawned on me to write up a review for it, until now. This 5.6% ABV brew isn’t necessarily something I’d go out of my way to find or attempt to cellar, but it is one of those brews that, if I see it on the shelf, it’ll be in the cart pretty quickly. Winter Ale is a smooth drinking beer with just the right amount of roast and spice to keep everything happily balanced.


Pouring a dark brown in color, the beer sits with a light brown cap that faded to patchy lace.


A light roast, caramel malt and a touch of spice (cinnamon) come together nicely in a well balanced nose. It’s not an overly powerful aroma, but lets you know that it’s the right beer for the season.


The palate is on the mild side in terms of taste impact — this could be why it’s so drinkable. All of the notes found in the aroma are present in the taste and all are delivered in just the right amount as the beer starts off with a sweet maltiness that transitions to a slightly dry finish with a touch of hops. The spices in the nose sit in the background complimenting the malt backbone.


Winter Ale is a decent little brew. As far as winter warmers go, it may not be the most robust or in-your-face, but it does represent the style well. And with the level of alcohol in the brew, it’s one that will warm you up nicely after a couple without hurting you the next morning as you dig out from under the snow.

Rating: 3.5/5

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