Sep 12, 2011

No More “The”

There’s been one major issue with this site as we slowly approach it’s fifth birthday this upcoming December. The problem has been there from the very moment I registered the domain name. And it’s confused people that I’ve shared the website URL with over the years.


That damned “the” in the domain name was, at first, a necessity to get the name I wanted — without “the” was a parked domain. It’s been the bane of the site’s existence from the get go, but no more. I was finally able to procure through auction the other week and it now happily redirects traffic and visitors to this here beer blog.

So now you have three ways to arrive here:

  1. the traditional which will remain the primary domain name
  2. the shiny, new alternative (YAY!)
  3. the shortened, mobile-friendly

I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally be able to just tell people that they can check out the site without re-iterrating that they need to type in “the” into their browser. Oh happy day.