Feb 4, 2011

Cork & Fork in Gainesville, VA

There’s a small wine shop just down the road from my home that I usually frequent for my craft beer purchases. The owner is a great guy and they usually carry a nice, albeit small, selection of tasty brews. Lately, however, that selection has become a bit stagnate. I’m not entirely sure of the reason, but when I’m looking for something a little harder to find or higher-end, my search more frequently takes me elsewhere.

Enter Cork & Fork

When the time comes for me to hunt down a new hard-to-find release (say Bell’s Hopslam or Founder’s KBS) or if I’m in the mood for a little exploration, there’s only one shop that I’ve visited recently that’s had what I need. Cork & Fork in Gainesville, VA is not only becoming a more frequented stop in my beer hunts, but it’s also dangerously convenient since it’s a very quick pit stop on my commute home from the office.

Mmmm... Beer.A few shelves of beer

Primarily a wine shop, the kind folks at this store have been spreading their craft and high-end import wings a good deal since I’ve been visiting them over the past year or so. Mikkeller, Nogne O and plenty of Belgian breweries (Rochefort and Westmalle for example) hob knob with the likes of Bell’s Brewery, Avery Brewing and Dogfish Head — the craft segment of the shelves has been growing rapidly. From tart gueuzes to big imperial stouts, the shop has a wide array of styles to choose from.

Mmmm... Beer.A few more shelves of beer

Not sure where to begin while staring at the myriad of bottles on the shelves? Just ask Antoinette or any of her fine, knowledgeable staff and they will do everything they can to help you out.

As diverse as the selection is, it’s not the only draw for store. Weekly Friday beer tastings have been a solid attraction as they’ve featured the likes of Duvel/Ommegang and Evolution Craft Brewing recently. Be sure to check out the events page for upcoming tastings.

So, if you live in the area or are just passing through on Rte 66, make sure you check out a great shop — one that I’ll probably be visiting tonight on the drive home.

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