Feb 3, 2011

Duck-Rabbit Duck-Rabbator

Duck-Rabbit Duck-Rabbator

Ayinger’s Celebrator has been far and away my favorite doppelbock to enjoy. It’s a full flavored brew that I seem to be drawn to on a fairly regular basis.

North Carolina’s Duck-Rabbit Brewing’s own doppelbock, playfully named Duck-Rabbator, is a damn tasty challenger to Ayinger’s throne. Originally only available on draft, this was Duck-Rabbit’s first foray into lagers (they have since sold a couple more) and was only just recently released in bottles as a seasonal product in May of last year. I’m not sure if I just happened across a nearly one year old bottle (I didn’t notice a bottling date) or what, but the rich, malty goodness I poured into my glass was pretty darn impressive.


Duck-Rabbator pours a dark brown with a deep garnet hue/edge. The full, light tan head faded quickly to a patchy film on the surface.


Weighing in at 8.5% ABV, the brew does have a bit of an alcohol presence on the nose to go along with a toasted malty sweetness, a light touch of dark fruits (cherries and raisins) and subtle levels of chocolate and toffee. This brew smells amazing.


The toasted malt and sweetness dominate the palate initially as dark fruits, caramel, toast and hints of molasses and brown sugar wash over the tongue. There’s an earthy character to the brew that only adds to the myriad of flavors swirling around in the dark liquid. The finish transitions smoothly from the sweet malts to a lingering bitterness that may be coming from the roast as it’s not really a “hoppy” bite. The alcohol, especially at this beer’s level, only really shows up in the background as it warms in the glass.


Like I said, I do love Ayinger’s Celebrator, but this is damn near the closest thing I’ve come across to replace it as my favorite doppelbock. Duck-Rabbit continue to impress each and every time I try a new brew from the company. Duck-Rabbator is one damn fine beer.

Rating: 4.25/5

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