Dec 12, 2011

Moylan’s NorCal IPA

Moylan's NorCal IPA photo

It doesn’t make a difference if there’s frost on the ground and you can see your breathe float away from you in the morning light. It could be 20 below zero and it wouldn’t make a difference. When that craving for a hoppy IPA hits, let the cold weather beware.

I’ve had a couple of Moylan’s products through the years, but my favorite had always been their Hopsickle. It’s a beer that hits with plenty of fruity, biting hops. When I saw this bottle of their NorCal IPA on the shelves I figured I’d give it a shot and hope that it satisfied my need for all things lupulin.


NorCal pours a hazy golden amber in color with a slowly dropping, frothy white cap.


The nose on this is quite floral with luscious tropical citrus, grapefruit and pine resin. There’s a light malt in the background, but it’s overwhelmed by hops for the most part.


This is exactly what I wanted. The hops that fill your mouth are piny, fruity and assertive, yet don’t destroy the palate with an obscene amount of bitterness. I’m not entirely sure what blend of hop varieties are being used, but they satisfied every spectrum of the hop rainbow. At 6.5% ABV the beer is deceptively drinkable.


Moylan’s certainly knows how to make an IPA, that’s for sure. Whether it’s their Hopsickle or this latest treat, if it’s hops you need, they they’ve got it. I found the NorCal to pack just the right amount of pine and citrus without a crazy amount of hop bite, making for a well balanced and enjoyable brew.


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