Aug 23, 2012

Magic Hat Hex

It’s too early I tell you. Temperatures are still in the high 80’s — hell, we have another month of Summer left. I shouldn’t be drinking any sort of Oktoberfest/Marzen at this point in the year, but I am. It’s actually the second such beer I’ve had in the past week.

I should be ashamed.

Ideally, I prefer cooler weather with this malt-heavy style of brew, but it’s next to impossible to walk through any beer shop (big chain or boutique) and not run across a plethora of Fall seasonals that breweries have already produced and shippped. Magic Hat’s Hex is one of those seasonal releases that is available now. This 5.4% ABV marzen drinks smooth and rich with plenty of malty goodness.


Hex pours a clear orange-tinted amber with a large tawny head that fell slowly to a light lacing.


Rich and malty with hints of rye bread, cereal, a very slight roast and distant citrus fruit.


A solid bit of caramel arrives first before a subtle waft of spicy rye and a light roast wash over the tongue as a late-forming hop character arrives on the back end. The brew has a moderate touch of sweetness that’s balanced nicely with the rye presence and the herbal hops — which also impart light bitterness within the lingering, semi-dry finish. The beer drinks smooth with a soft carbonation and a medium body. There isn’t a hint of any alcohol to be found.


I’ve had a few Magic Hat beers throughout the years, but this is the first time I’ve enjoyed Hex. It’s probably my favorite of the bunch thus far, but not sure how it stands up to some of my favorite marzens just yet. I’ll need to purchase a six pack as one sample isn’t quite enough to compare it to a long list of competitors. Of course, I’ll have to wait until colder weather. As it stands, Hex is rich, malty and delivers an enjoyable drinking experience with just a touch of hops for balance.

Rating: 3.75/5

This is a review of a promotional sample received from the brewery.

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