Jun 1, 2012

New Belgium Somersault

What better way to introduce the 90+ degree weather that has arrived so quickly this year than with a light and crisp brew — a tasty treat that tingles the senses and refreshes the body. New Belgium’s Somersault, a blonde ale weighing in at 5.2% ABV, is just such a beer.

Brewed with apricot and ginger, the Somersault is an approachable product that requires very little from the drinker — well, maybe a pair of flip flops and a relaxing deck chair, but other than that, very little. The wife and I cracked open the first pair of bottles from a six pack I purchased the other day and knew immediately that Somersault would make many future appearances in the beer fridge all Summer long.


Pouring a light straw in color the beer sits with a large, fluffy white cap that fell slowly, leaving behind excellent lacing along the glass.


The smell of grassy hops, lightly toasted malt, subdued spices and a subtle saison-like character waft up from the surface of the beer. The beer smells inviting.


There’s a surprising bit of lemony tartness that gets things off to a great start while a biscuity malt and hop bite join in quickly. The light tartness was definitely a pleasant component that I was not at all expecting. It mixes well with the spices and fruitiness of the beer, lingering ever so slightly in the refreshing finish. The hops carry an earthy character that is grassy and has a light peppery tingle. Somersault is crisp on the tongue and easy drinking.


Like I said, this could be the go-to beer this Summer. It’s flavorful without overdoing it and delivers a solid profile of fruitiness and hops without the tongue bruising bitterness of most of the seasonal brews (pales and IPAs) I tend to drink at this time. It’s just too bad the wife likes it, as well. I hate sharing.


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