Sep 27, 2012

Opperbacco Tripping Flowers

I recently received an email from the great folks at Cork & Fork in Gainesville, VA that let me (and a few other choice customers) know that there were a couple of new, limited offerings in stock. One of them was this bottle of Tripping Flowers from Italy’s Opperbacco. Not having a planned visit that week, I passed on the bottles and hoped that just maybe they’d be there again at another time.

As luck would have it, I was actually right next door to the shop the following weekend and sure enough, there was still a bottle of Tripping Flowers remaining as well as a couple of other tasty treats announced within the email.

I had only had one other Opperbacco beer before (10 e Lode) and thoroughly loved it, so picking up this Belgian Golden Ale was a no-brainer. The brew weighs in at 6.3% ABV and much like the 10 e Lode (and it’s relative style), is unlike any other Golden Ale I’ve had before.


A large, dense stack of foam rests atop the slightly hazy and golden colored brew.


Oddly enough, the first impression I got of this beer when taking the initial sniffs was that it was some sort of hybrid or blend of a Pilsner and a Saison. It’s got the grain and cereal malts of a Pilsner with the grassy, herbal and yeast notes of a Saison.


Overall, the flavors of Tripping Flowers are relatively subdued — the complete opposite of the 10 e Lode. The beer still has a Saison/Pilsner character about it. There’s not barnyard funkiness, but a light yeast profile arrives with grassy hops, grain and biscuity malts. I can see why they gave this beer the moniker they did. It’s got quite a floral quality to it. A touch of hop bitterness lingers briefly in the semi-dry finish.


This was an interesting beer to say the least. I think I prefer the depth and layers of the 10 e Lode, but Tripping Flowers was still a refreshing and unique brew in its own right. It drinks well and it’s delicate nature suited the day’s weather on which I enjoyed it perfectly.

Rating: 3.75/5

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