May 30, 2013

Flying Fish Farmhouse Summer Ale

I’m not sure why breweries continue to label beers with names that infer one style, but in fact are of a completely different style. It’s annoying and could cause confusion amongst an ever growing craft beer drinking population. Case in point, for example, would be this Farmhouse Summer Ale from New Jersey’s Flying Fish Brewing.

Now, I’ve had a few beers from this company and all have, for the most part, represented themselves inline with the name on the label. This particular 4.6% ABV brew, however, has not hint of any sort of farmhouse- or saison-like characteristics in its aroma or taste. In fact, both Beeradvocate and RateBeer list the beer as a blonde ale — which for any better option is as apt a description as you’ll find for this beer.

That all said and regardless of any style vs. labeling confusion, this beer is still pretty darn tasty. It doesn’t pack a ton of flavor, but does present itself in an approachable and quaffable manner that certain will refresh you on a hot Summer afternoon.


The beer pours a vibrant, golden yellow in color with a dense, bright white cap of foam. There was plenty of bubble activity as seen below.


The aroma on this beer is pretty subtle with hints fo grain, soft yeast notes and a light, citrusy presence.


Just like the nose, the flavor profile of this beer is fairly subtle as well. Grains, lightly toasted bread, light yeast notes and a welcome bit of spicy hops create an approachable, if benign, array of flavors. The Cascade and Styrian Goldings hop varieties used in making the beer bring a touch of bitterness to the softly drying finish. The lively carbonation and light body make for a refreshing and highly drinkable beer.


This beer doesn’t bring a whole lot to the table in terms of flavor, but it does serve nicely as a Summer thirst quencher. It’s subdued flavors and crisp mouthfeel (and especially the lower level of alcohol) make for a beer that is not only quaffable, but darn near chuggable — if that’s your thing, of course.

Rating: 3.25/5

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