May 16, 2013

Victory Swing Session Saison

I’m not entirely sure how long Victory Brewing has been making this 4.5% ABV saison, but I think it’s a relatively new seasonal release from the company. The brew is made with an unspecified German malt along with rye, oats and wheat. The saison is also hopped with a blend of American and German hops and seasoned with fresh peppercorn, orange peel and lemon zest. So far, so good.

Honestly, when my wife brought this six pack home from a recent trip out, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I do love Victory’s products, but I’m always worried whenever I see “brewed with spices” on any beer’s label. Thankfully, the “spices” here are the above mentioned items and they only prove to compliment the wonderfully funky and peppery yeast. And with the lower alcohol levels, a few Swings won’t make getting up out of the hammock on a hot day any harder than normal.


A dense, white stack of foam sits atop the slightly hazy, straw yellow brew. The head showed fairly good retention.


Hay, a light barnyard funk, grains, pepper and subtle citrus notes fill the nose nicely.


As I was not at all expecting the amount of barnyard funk that this little beer packs. Yeasty, solid grain profile, light citrus and a nice amount of toned-down spice all come together smoothly throughout the life of the beer. The flavors are carried along with a crisp mouthfeel and active carbonation as a late forming bit of hop bite in the lingering and lightly drying finish.


I really liked this brew. It’s not the best saison available, but it does bring a good amount of flavor to a package that is quaffable and refreshing. I can see this one showing up many times over in my beer fridge in the warmer months to come.

Rating: 3.75/5

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