Dec 13, 2013

White Birch Brewing Hop To Wit

One of the newer (to me) breweries that I’ve been enjoying over the last year or so has been New Hampshire’s White Birch Brewing. I haven’t had the opportunity to try many of their beers, but those that I have had, have impressed. The brewery’s 5.3% ABV witbier, Hop To Wit, continues the trend.

It’s also a beer that just re-enforces my belief that if you through just the right amount of hops at a brew, I’m going to really like it. Much like some of the hoppier wheat-based beers that have been popping up on shelves fairly recently, Hop To Wit packs a good amount of citrusy goodness, but in a manner that does not overwhelm the aspects and traits of the original style.

Maybe it’s that I drank this beer in October instead of when it was fresh in the Summer, but all aspects of the beer really seemed to compliment on another.


Hop To Wit pours a slightly hazy, muted gold in color with a resilient cap of dense white foam.


Wheat, peppery yeast and a solid amount of grapefruit combine with herbal notes for a great smelling brew.


Soft wheat and peppercorns arrive first with a light malt sweetness before fading gently through to grapefruit, a light hop bite and toasted bread. This is a very easy drinking beer. It just goes down refreshingly smooth. The more pronounced hop presence lingers as a gentle tingle in the lasting finish.


White Birch Brewing continue to deliver great flavors in styles that are not only traditional, but also those that have been adjusted for hop lovers. This beer isn’t going to replace your favorite IPA any time soon — the hop character isn’t that strong. Hop To Wit is, however, one darn tasty witbier with just the right amount of citrusy character that brings a refreshing quality that satisfies nicely.

Rating: 4/5

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