Dec 19, 2014

DuClaw Brewing Colossus

Colossus isn’t just one of the one of the more limited-release products from Maryland’s DuClaw Brewing, it’s also one of the most appropriately named. This American strong ale is a mammoth brew, weighing in at 17.3% ABV. The only problem is that’s where it’s giant persona ends. There’s just not much hear on offer besides the high level of alcohol.

This is one of those brews, much like a very young Brooklyn Monster Ale. It’s very immature at this point, so fresh after it has been bottled. Colossus requires a good couple of years before (I hope) its flavor really starts to come together. The only question is whether I want to search out another bottle to put away for that long?


Colossus pours with a fleeting cap of off-white foam before settling as the viscous, golden liquid seen below.

DuClaw Brewing Colossus


Aside from the booze wafting off of the beer’s still surface, there are hints of apricot, a peppery alcohol tingle and light grain notes.


Again, the brew is fairly subtle in terms of flavor, but it’s certainly got a solid amount of sweetness and alcohol warmth throughout. Grain, honey, grassy hops and distant citrusy fruits are all present, but it’s just hard to get past the wallop of alcohol on this one. It’s viscous without being overly syrupy and coats the tongue fully. Definitely a sipper of a beer.


This beer, at the time of this tasting, is just way too young. It needs time to come into its own and allow the flavors to mature. Even after a couple of years, I’m not sure what the end result would taste like. It’s definitely an experiment for those with an extra bottle or two and the patience. I’m not 100% sold on it just yet.

Rating: 3/5