Dec 17, 2014

Flying Dog Brewhouse Rarities Doppelbock

Flying Dog’s Doppelbock is the lastest from the company’s Brewhouse Rarities limited run of beers for 2014 — it also marks the last release in the series for the year. The 8.3% ABV doppelbock may be under the Rarities moniker, but it’s probably one of the more faithful-to-style products they’ve let loose upon the wild in some time. Using all imported German malts certainly helps in that effort.

This Maryland brewery is known for flying in the face of convention and as such, they couldn’t let Doppelbock hit the shelves without a bit of a twist. The brew isn’t the strictest of interpretations as there’s a touch more hop zing in the mix than most. Aside from that, Flying Dog have themselves a treat of a beer here that is ideal for the colder months to come.


The beer pours an attractive, chestnut in color with a small cap of beige foam.

Flying Dog Brewhouse Rarities Doppelbock photo


Earthy malt, rich caramel, a hint of distant spices, soft dark fruits, toffee and lightly toasted bread fill the nose effortlessly.


It’s just about spot on for the style. Rich malt, caramel, bread, soft roast and a moderate amount of sweetness fill the mouth smoothly. A touch of hop bitterness lingers gently before slowly fading into the lasting and softly warming finish. The beer drinks deceptively well.


Like I said in the intro above, Doppelbock is one of the more true-to-style released the company has produced in a while. It’s got an excellent malt backbone, a twinge of hops to keep you interested and a smooth drinking, warming nature. I can see a few of these disappearing from my fridge in the near future.

Rating: 4/5

This is a review of a promotional sample.

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