Oct 15, 2014

Flying Dog Brewhouse Rarities Hoppy American Wheat Ale

The latest Brewhouse Rarity to come out of Maryland’s Flying Dog is their Hoppy American Wheat Ale. This 5.5% ABV (20 IBU) pale wheat ale is brewed with the addition of the Galaxy hop variety. The brewery added this tropical fruity variety in order to create “a wheat beer that was not dominated by the yeast strain.” I’m not sure I understand that particular reasoning, but I do like the result — for the most part.

With the addition of the Galaxy hops we not only get a solid wheat/grain base, hints of banana and yeast, but we are also treated to smooth flavors of pineapple and mango throughout each swallow. The bitterness is kept in check so the brew slides effortlessly over the tongue. The only downfall to Hoppy American Wheat Ale is the surprisingly dry finish. I’ve had some dry beers in my time, and I don’t particularly mind that sort of finish, but this one is a bit much for my personal preferences.

Flying Dog Brewhouse Rarities Hoppy American Wheat Ale photo


Hoppy American Wheat Ale pours a hazy golden straw in color with a dense, pillowy cap of white foam.


There’s definitely a strong Galaxy influence as pineapple and other tropical fruits lead the way for soft wheat, distant yeast and crackers.


The tropical fruitiness is a bit toned down here, but there are plenty of pineapple notes to accompany grapefruit, grass and wheat. A good, crisp mouthfeel revitalizes the palate before giving way to a surprisingly dry finish. The end isn’t chalky, but it will leave you a bit parched.


I like the flavors of Hoppy American Wheat Ale — he Galaxy hops really turn your standard wheat beer on end. That incredibly drying finish, however, is something I can definitely do without. It’s too distracting to fully enjoy a beer that already does a great deal to differentiate itself from the crowd.

Rating: 3.25/5

This is a review of a promotional sample.

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