Aug 25, 2014

Gordon Biersch Celebratest with Second 25th Anniversary Brew

Press Release

San Jose, CA (August 25, 2014) – As Gordon Biersch Brewing Company continues celebrating its 25th anniversary, the company today unveiled a new look for its collection of heritage, German-style craft beers with updated bottles and box packaging and introduced its second 25th anniversary beer, Golden Export Lager.

Coming on the heels of Gordon Biersch 25th Anniversary Dunkles, Golden Export is a German blonde helles style lager created in keeping with techniques Dortmunder breweries employed for the style in the mid-1800s. The “export” was added when beers of this style were shipped out of the region to other German states.

What: Golden Export Lager
ABV: 4.9%
IBU: 17
Flavor profile: light, delicately hopped with a soft, malty accent, and clean, crisp finish
Pairs with: Spicy, high impact flavored cuisine

Golden Export will initially be available year round in six packs in Northern California, Hawaii, and Nevada ranging between $8.99 and $9.99 per six pack

New Packaging:

Like Golden Export, Gordon Biersch’s four year-round beers – Märzen, Hefeweizen, Pilsner, Blonde Bock – and four seasonals – Maibock, SommerBrau, FestBier, Winterbock – are brewed at the company’s state of the art San Jose brewery and bottling facility in the traditional German style reflective of founder Dan Gordon’s studies at the Technical University of Munich at Weihenstephan.

Each new bottle is now emblazoned with colorful new neck, front, and back labels, and cap, a different hue corresponding to each brew. The “G” in the circular “GB” Gordon Biersch logo with the familiar barley stock icon is also toned to match the new color scheme. The crown caps are the first of their kind featuring a de-bossed, textured logo.

“The goal was to create packaging that spoke to our commitment and dedication to producing heritage, German-style beers with all natural ingredients and applying age old techniques with the benefit of the most state-of-the-art brewing technology,” said Gordon. “We always brew according to the German purity law of 1516, called the Reinheitsgebot, which stipulates the use of only malt and hops and natural carbonation.”

The new bottles are available at off-premise accounts wherever Gordon Biersch products are sold.