Sep 19, 2014

Gordon Biersch Summerbrau

In addition to the tasty Golden Export that was reviewed earlier this week, I also had the opportunity to sample several Gordon Biersch seasonal and year-round products. The first up is the company’s Summerbrau, a 4.8% ABV Kolsch-style brew.

This bright, refreshing beer is ideal for these late Summer days where the weather is starting to cool off a bit, but still warm enough to get out and have some fun. Summerbrau is a light bodied brew that doesn’t pack a whole ton of flavor in the bottle, but it does carry a nicely hopped character that tingles the palate and goes down easy.

Gordon Biersch Summerbrau photo


Summerbrau pours a golden amber in color with a dense cap of white foam.


Grain, light toast, soft apple notes and a touch of lemony citrus will the nose cleanly.


Well, the beer certainly has a subtle overall flavor. Hints of grain, grassy hops and light, biscuity malt arrive quickly, but also fade nearly as fast. There’s a moderate amount of hop bitterness to keep things interesting, as well as a rather fizzy carbonation. The brew finishes cleanly.


Summerbrau isn’t the most flavorful kolsch that I’ve had, but it is a beer that refreshes well and won’t get in your way as you go about enjoying the last few days of Summer. I’d personally like a bit more to the brew, but I can always grab a bottle of their Golden Export for that.

Rating: 3/5

This is a review of a promotional sample.

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