May 19, 2014

Green Flash Saison Diego

Any time I pick up a beer from Green Flash Brewing, regardless of style, I know that it’s more than likely going to be packed with some sort of hoppy goodness. It’s the reason, I pick up beers from this company — they practically invented the West Coast IPA — when I need a solid fixing of lupulin.

The brewery’s 5% ABV Saison Diego isn’t what I would call packed with hops, but it certainly has that easy-going style the the brewery’s beers reflect. A soft farmhouse funk mingles with grain, light grassy hop notes and distant fruit for an easy drinking, yet lively beer. The overall character is more subdued than say, Palate Wrecker or their outstanding Green Bullet, but it’s active carbonation and light flavors make for a refreshing experience.

Green Flash Saison Diego photo


A large stack of white foam sits atop the golden straw colored brew.


Peppery yeast, light barnyard, grain, distant spice notes and soft, grassy hops make for a subtle, though inviting nose.


The flavors pretty much mirror the aroma perfectly though it tends to come across more like a Belgian pale than a saison. A very crisp and active mouthfeel hits immediately as it briskly carries grain, yeast, light bready notes and hints of spices over the palate. it’s got a rather subdued flavor, like the nose, with just a hint of yeasty funk. That said, it does have a good bit of hop bitterness in the linger finish. For the most part, it’s a pretty easy drinking beer.


Saison Diego is a tasty little brew. I’d prefer the carbonation level to be a bit softer, but other than that it’s a decent saison with a good amount of grassy hops and bite — as expected from the brewery. It’s always interesting to try out various interpretations of a style and I’m glad to have purchased this bottle from Green Flash, but I think I’ll stick with my normal go-to Saisons in the future.

Rating: 3.5/5

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