Mar 7, 2014

Wild Wolf Brewing White Wolf

The number of white IPAs (and even newer IPL: India Pale Lager) in the beer market has been increasing steadily since they were first introduced a couple of years ago. Folks just seem to really like this style (I’m still not 100% sold on it yet, but getting closer). Due to this apparent consumer demand, the white IPA has been embraced by many breweries as evident by the number they continue to crank out. The latest I’ve run across is Wild Wolf’s White Wolf — at 5% ABV interpretation of the style.

This particular version of the white IPA has a solid wheat and grain backbone, soft spice presence and a smooth drinking character. It’s not the wheatiest or hoppiest version of the genre, but White Wolf certainly goes drinks easy, refreshing the whole way down.


White Wolf pours a pale straw in color with a stack of rocky, white foam.

Wild Wolf Brewing White Wolf photo


Grain, crackers, lemony citrus, grapefruit and distant spices all mingle together for a subtle and approachable aroma.


White Wolf isn’t a bad little brew. The wheat is certainly there and is nicely balanced with a grassy, lemony citrus hop character. The bitterness is of a moderate level and fades gently through the lingering finish. The carbonation is at an appropriate crispness and helps give the beer a refreshing nature.


The white IPA is still a style of beer that I am getting used to. I may not be among the legions that love the unofficial style, but I do like a nicely crafted beer. And Wild Wolf have themselves a nice treat of a beer with White Wolf. I can see a couple of these making an appearance in the fridge as the weather continues to warm.

Rating: 3.75/5

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