May 7, 2015

21st Amendment He Said (Tripel)

So, I visit the same 2-3 beer shops on a weekly basis. I typically know what I’ve seen on shelves and what I haven’t. I know that this can of 21st Amendment’s He Said was not present at one of the stores the week prior to me spying (an drinking) it back in late March of this year. With a packaged date of 07/31/2014, that means this beer has been sitting around for a while before I encountered it. Again, not enough shelf space or distribution issues?

Why this beer was hidden for so long aside, He Said — this version of it, anyway — is an 8.2% ABV Belgian-style tripel brewed with pumpkin. I had originally boycotted pumpkin beers last year solely for the previously mentioned canning date. The seasonal release is showing up on shelves earlier and earlier each year. That said, I figured with this particular can, however, the statue of limitations had expired and I should check it out.

I’m glad I did. This beer has probably benefited from its extended time in the can. The the spices are fairly muted and the pumpkin is subdued, resting in the background and allowing the beer to speak for itself. I’m not sure I would have liked this brew as much as I do if it were fresh.


He Said pours golden in color with a dense cap of pillowy, off-white foam.

21st Amendment He Said (Tripel) photo


Garin, yeast, a hint of earthy pumpkin and distant spices fill the nose smoothly.


As mentioned the pumpkin is fairly subtle, but still presents enough of itself to let you know this is not your typical tripel. A moderate-to-high level of sweetness, grain and yeast all mingle with the gourd nicely. The spices are soft at best and help accentuate the peppery yeast. The beer is medium bodied with soft carbonation and a lasting finish.


All in all, as often as I complain about beers appearing on shelves much later than their packaging date, this particular beer has probably benefited from that time. He Said has a nice pumpkin character, but not one that domineers or takes attention away from the base brew.

Rating: 3.75/5

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