Dec 10, 2015

Alpine Beer Duet

This particular bottle of Alpine Beer Duet is the last of a trio of brews from the company that I originally purchased. And while, Nelson was the best of the bunch, this 7% ABV IPA has an old-school vibe that I really enjoyed.

Duet is the brewery’s first IPA with a blend of Amarillo and Simcoe hops that gives the beer a flavor more in line with the IPAs of old. It’s not overly fruity or herbal like many modern examples of the style. The Amarillo shines with plenty of pine, grapefruit and earthiness. I only wish that the brew was a little more lively on the tongue — it’s a bit on the soft side.


A frothy stack of off-white foam drops slowly atop the amber brew, leaving behind sticky lacing.

Alpine Beer Duet photo


Pine, grapefruit, a touch of tangerine, twinge of cattiness and distant, light toast notes all come together cleanly.


I definitely pick up the “old school” nature of the Amarillo hopes — pine, grapefruit and earthy. A touch of honey and toast are also in the mix while the beer presents a pretty good amount of bite for just 45 IBU. The beer finishes clean with a long lasting tingle on the tongue after each sip and a touch of sweetness on the lips.


Duet presents a flavor profile that I particular enjoy in the IPA I’m drinking. While I do love the usage (and sometime over-usage) of modern hop varieties, there’s something to be said about one that focuses on Amarillo hops. As stated above, I just wish it was a bit more lively on the tongue. Other than that, I’ll be purchasing this one again.

Rating: 3.75/5

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