Apr 2, 2015

Champion Brewing Stickin’ in My IPA

Gimmick, band sponsored or band endorsed beers like this Stickin’ In My IPA from Champion Brewing typically don’t make it into my shopping cart. I think, aside from a couple of Dogfish Head beers, this NOFX collaborative brew may be the only one. So why did I purchase this monster can of brew?

Honestly, I was just really in the mood for a rye IPA and I’m always up for trying something new. It just happens that this 7% ABV and 65 IBU beer also caused me to dig into the old CD (look it up, kids) collection in the process — I own a few of the band’s albums.

As for the beer, it’s brewed with rye and a blend of Simcoe and Falconer’s Flight hops. The result is a fairly pungent IPA with plenty of spicy rye notes to hit the mark.


The beer pours golden amber in color with a frothy cap of off-white foam that left behind sticky lacing as it dropped.

Champion Brewing Stickin' in My IPA photo


A load of fruity, indistinct hop notes lead the way for a hint of rye (I wish there was more here), toasted bread and a healthy bit of pine resin.


Thankfully, the rye that was missing from the nose is more dominant here with a smooth bit of spiciness. The hops have a great fruit character, pine resin and a solid amount of bitterness. Toasted bread and a touch of caramel attempt to balance the hop bite.


Stickin’ in My IPA is a decent brew. Much like that band as they’ve aged over the years, so too have they mellowed out a bit. That describes this beer well. The spicy rye sot of captures that maturity making this beer more than just a one-dimensional hop bomb. That said, it’s still got a decent hop bite and refreshes nicely.

Rating: 3.75/5

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