Sep 1, 2015

Coronado Brewing Senor Saison

Of the many recent trends in beer the past couple of years, there’s actually one that I am pretty fond of — recipes that utilize chili peppers. Whether it be a rich stout with chipotle peppers or a serrano-infused saison, I have found many beery experiments to enjoy. So far, the only pepper that I have encountered that hasn’t seemed to do all that well in beer is the humble jalapeño. It’s not a pepper that I am overly fond of, flavor-wise, so that may have something to do with it.

Regardless, I went ahead and picked up a 22 oz bottle of Coronado’s Señor Saison, brewed with — you guessed it — jalapeños. And while this 6.5% ABV brew is a capable saison, it doesn’t pack much in the way of peppery heat. Which is fine for some, but I like a little more than a tingle in a beer of this ilk.


A large, frothy cap of pillowy foam falls slowly atop the golden amber brew.

Coronado Brewing Senor Saison phto


Soft jalapeño notes mingle with yeast, a soft funkiness, grain and light fruits. I don’t pick up any of the brown sugar (piloncillo) mentioned on the label.


Well, it’s definitely a saison. I do get a little peppery vegetable presence with the slightest tingle of jalapeño heat — barely. I’m still not sure that I’m finding any of the piloncillo or brown sugar anywhere in this beer, aroma or flavor. It’s not really sweet in any fashion and doesn’t present a molasses trait, so I’m not sure how that ingredient has been used. That all said, Señor Saison is still a tasty brew.


As stated above, I’d like to see more heat here. The beer, itself, is decent enough and would serve well on a hot Summer afternoon, but if I’m going to spend some money on a Coronado brew, I’m going to pick one or two of their IPAs.

Rating: 3.25/5

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