Aug 31, 2015

Hardywood Vinalia Urbana

My mind isn’t always operating on all cylinders all the time. Such was the case when happening across this new brew from Hardywood Park. My first thought was, “Why the Hell would anyone brew a beer with Vidalia onions!?” Thankfully, my puddle of gray matter sorted itself out and I added Vinalia Urbana to the growing collection of bottles at my side.

This 9% ABV Belgian-style golden ale is named after a “Roman festival held to bless and sample the wine of the previous season.” That certainly sounds better than anything with onions. Vinalia Urbana is then aged for a number of months in Sauvignon Blanc barrels. The result is a beer that is pretty damn tasty and one that I may have scored higher had a bit of banana presence not crept into its golden depths. At least it wasn’t onion-y.


The beer pours clear, golden amber in color with a cap of white foam.

Hardywood Vinalia Urbana photo


Yeast, apricot, peach, vinous notes, soft wood, a touch of backing vanilla, hint of banana and cereal notes. The beer smells darn good.


The flavors of Vinalia Urbana are intriguing — vanilla, banana notes, white pepper and vinous grapes dominate. Herbal notes, wood, light bread/biscuit and stone fruit linger in the background. The beer, as expected, is fairly warming in the chest and carries a lasting, lightly sweet finish.


Vinalia Urbana is definitely a Belgian-style golden ale aged in wine barrels — it’s got just about everything you would expect from that combination playing together nicely. It’s nicely light on the palate and, aside from the banana creeping in, is quite tasty. I would definitely purchase this one again.

Rating: 4/5

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