Nov 24, 2015

O’Connor Brewing Bourbon Barrel Aged Robust Porter

I’ve had a couple of beers from O’Connor Brewing thus far and it seems like each has been part of a limited release series — Heavy Footer and Steel Battalion — from which I have encountered another beer. I wonder if the company just releases a beer in it’s own series and then moves on. At any rate, Bourbon Barrel Aged Robust Porter is worthy of a series all its own.

This 8.5% ABV (and 65 IBU) robust porter was aged in retired bourbon barrels long enough to impart some serious influence. Vanilla, wood and, of course, bourbon course through this dark brew as rich cocoa, earth and a solid roast all wash over the tongue. It’s definitely a robust beer, as expected, and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.


A dense, creamy cap fo beige foam rests atop a dark brown brew with a mahogany edge.

O'Connor Brewing Bourbon Barrel Aged Robust Porter photo


A good amount of bourbon, vanilla and cocoa lead the way for tobacco, a roasty char and a touch of wood.


The flavors of O’Connor’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Robust Porter just about follows the nose to a tee. A moderate level of sweetness invades the dominant bourbon and wood notes while vanilla, cocoa and tobacco linger in the background. The beer finishes lightly dry with an appropriate amount of warmth.


This is a full-flavored, robust beer that I wish I had purchased more of. It’s a big beer with solid flavor and presentation. I’m still unsure of the company’s limited release process, but that’s beside the point. If you like your beer with some bourbon edge to it and a little more up-front in terms of flavor, then O’Connor Brewing Bourbon Barrel Aged Robust Porter is the beer for you.

Rating: 4/5

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