Aug 17, 2015

Randall’s The Scoville Project

A coworker and friend of mine, Randall, has been home brewing for a few years now and I’ve had the opportunity to sample a couple of his beers. We talk just about every morning that I am in the office about beer in some fashion or another, usually what he’s been drinking or brewing up. One of the more lively conversations we’ve had was earlier this Spring when he was trying to decide what to make for the Summer. He knew it was going to be a Saison, but he wanted something a bit different.

Enter The Scoville Project — an 8% ABV Saison-style brew crafted with Serrano peppers. I’m a fan of beers with a bit of a spicy edge, so when we got chatting about the possibility of this project coming to fruition, I was more than excited. And, thankfully, Randall was kind enough to share a bottle with me.


The beer pours a golden amber in color with a light, yeasty haze. A rocky cap of white foam falls noisily to just about nothing.


Smells those Serranos! A load of chili peppers are up front and center with light yeast funk, a hint of honey and soft cereal/grain notes. The beer smells great without any tell-tale hints to a spicy character.


Now, that’s a fun beer. A moderate chili pepper heat tingle the palate from start to finish — It’s not overbearing, but instead quite pleasing. The heat mingles with soft barnyard and yeast notes that rest comfortable in the background. The brew finishes lightly drying with a warming glow in the chest.


The Scoville Project is my kind of beer. It’s got great flavor and a refreshing nature that is suited for warm Summer months. And with that fiery tingle, the beer would be happy sitting beside the grill or with a few tacos on the back deck. I must convince Randall to make more of this for next year.

Rating: 3.75/5

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