May 12, 2016

Ballast Point Watermelon Dorado

Most of the fruit juice infused IPAs and pales ales that I’ve had recently have worked for the most part. Some get the balance just right, complimenting the base brew just right, while others have relied to heavily on the fruit to drive flavor. And some, like Ballast Points Watermelon Dorado are about as misguided as you can get.

Even though I enjoy a slice or two of watermelon and love Ballast Point’s base Dorado, the combination here just does not work. It’s as though someone slipped a melted, watermelon-flavored Jolly Rancher into my pint of piney, hoppy imperial IPA. The watermelon has an artificial character as it overwhelms both the aroma and flavor. The pine and grapefruit that should be in the forefront do the damnedest to combat the invading fruit flavor, but end up just making a mess of things.

Based on my past enjoyment of Ballast Point Dorado, I did everything I could to enjoy this beer. Unfortunately, the flavors just do not work for me. The watermelon doesn’t taste natural and, when mixed with potent IPA flavors, it all just gets so messy. I made it through half the bottle before I, ultimately, could not take any more and had to pour the beer down the drain.