Nov 29, 2016

Flying Dog Jalapeno White Ale

I was excited when Flying Dog’s Heat Series was announced. And now I am sad, as I finished off a bottle of the final release in the limited run of beers. Jalapeno White Ale is the last of four products that marry beer and chili peppers. The series started off with the lightly woody Oaked Chipotle Ale, then confused my brain with Ancho Lime Paradise Lager and then provided a good bit of chili heat with Carolina Reaper Peach IPA. And finally, there is this 5.5% ABV and 18 IBU jalapeno infused witbier.

The jalapeno pepper isn’t my favorite of the fiery vegetables, but its earthy flavor works well with the wheat and yeast of this brew. The extremely mild amount of heat it provides teases the tastebuds, but never really provides any fire as the white ale glides smoothly over the tongue. This one is darn near chuggable.

As a fan of both beer and chili peppers, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Flying Dog’s project. All four beers have incorporated the peppers quite well, never really letting them overly dominate the flavors, but instead using them to accentuate other flavors. If you missed out on the previous releases, this is your chance to check out the final beer in the series. It’s not as hot as the Reaper Peach IPA, but it provides a playfulness not found in your typical witbier.

This is a review of a promotional sample.