Feb 18, 2016

Ithica Beer Company Embrr

I’m not entirely sure when or where I picked up this bottle of Ithica Beer Embrr, but I do know based on its bottling date, it was enjoyed within two months of its born on date in late December of last year. Weighing in at 6.6% ABV, this porter has been brewed with 2-Row, Chocolate, Rye, Flaked Rye, Crystal and Roasted Barley, as well as the Sybilla (not sure I recall having crossed paths with this one in the past) hop variety. Being described as a rye porter and with as much of the ingredient as purported to have been used, the brew, unfortunately, doesn’t have that strong of a rye presence.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the rye is easy enough to pick up in both the aroma and flavor, but not at a level to distinguish the beer from many of its peers. I’d also personally like to a see a bit more heft in the body — Embrr feels a bit on the thin side as it crosses the tongue. And the porter isn’t a bad beer. It just didn’t meet what I personally wanted to enjoy on a cold Winter afternoon.