Jul 15, 2016

Jailbreak Brewing Big Punisher

I’m always excited to find products from fairly local (in this case, a state away) establishments. This can of Jailbreak’s Big Punisher drew me in with its can artwork and then he born on date. This 8.5% ABV (93 IBU) double IPA had only been away from the brewery for 22 days — that’s pretty damn fresh given that I’ve run across more and more out-of-dat eon shelves the past year or so.

With a name like Big Punisher and nearly 100 IBU, I was mentally prepared for a palate wrecker, but it only took a couple of sips to realize there was a welcome amount of malt sweetness to help even things out. So, it’s really not all that “punishing.” Add to that a relatively subdued flavor profile — one more akin to snuggling fluffy teddy bears — and the drinking experience is anything but grueling. Hints of peach mingle with pine and a blend of tropical fruit notes as everything washes over the tongue with ease. The alcohol content is rather heady without really impacting the flavor.

Jailbreak has themselves a tasty double IPA in Big Punisher. It’s a beefy beer in terms of potency and hop bite, but the flavors are a bit on the tame side and don’t quite meet the expectations of the style in the market. That said, I still liked this beer a good deal.