May 27, 2016

O’Connor Shipwreck Bay Nelson Sauvin Saison

I’ve been liking what O’Connor Brewing has been producing lately. Their products have been solid and flavorful, often times pushing the envelope a bit with regard to style. And such is the case with Shipwreck Bay Nelson Sauvin Saison, a 7.5% ABV (46 IBU) saison-style ale that employs a solid amount of, you guessed it, Nelson Sauvin hops.

While this pale straw colored brew has a bit of funk and solid grain base, the grassy and tropical fruits of the hops tend to overwhelm the base brew a bit. The overall character of the beer — even though it’s not overly biting — reminds more of a pale ale that happens to have a saison yeast in its depths more so what we are presented here.

Shipwreck Bay is still a solid offering and is quite refreshing. If style constraints aren’t your thing — let’s be honest here, I’m not sure any one is strictly brewing to style any more — then this light bodied, lively beer is ideal for the warm months to come. I’m hoping I can find a couple more bottles up in northern Virginia before the Summer heat ramps up.