Oct 12, 2016

Three Notch’d Bourbon Biggie S’mores

I’m not typically one to fawn over a beer, but sweet merciful crap, Three Notch’d Bourbon Biggie S’mores is a damn fine brew. I’ve come across a few beers that tout flavors of creme brulee, chocolate peanut butter cups or even french toast, but very few actually taste as they describe. Even fewer come across as cleanly or as polished as this big imperial stout. Bourbon Biggie S’mores is amazingly smooth, rich and decadent. It never presents itself as pretentious or even the slightest bit cloying for all of the campfire dessert-inspired goodness within.

The bourbon barrel aging simply accentuates and deepens the flavors of cocoa, graham and marshmallow without ever dominating them — adding a light toast and hint of vanilla, as well as an incredible bourbony influence. It’s quite difficult to put into words the flavors that glide effortlessly over your tongue with every swallow. Each sip draws you in to take another despite the 8% ABV alcohol content. I usually encounter some sort of tastebud fatigue halfway through beers of this nature, but not here.

As you can tell, I’m a big fan of Bourbon Biggie S’mores. It’s one of the highest rated brews I’ve reviewed. My only regret is not being able to find more bottles — in fact, this was the last available one on a random trip back in August. Even now, I can taste the swirling flavors. Must. Find. More.