Jul 24, 2017

Bell’s Mars Double IPA

Mars may be the Roman god of war, but this big double IPA doesn’t really wage battle on your tastebuds. This 10.1% brew is impeccably balanced between a solid hop profile and malt backbone to create a well rounded drinking experience. The brewery has combined old and new school flavors and characteristics into a beer (originally released in 2014) that not only packs a hoppy punch, but also tropical flavors found in your modern IPA.

Peppery notes, distant tropical fruits, grapefruit, gentle pine and a hint of floral traits impact the aroma and flavor with each sip while caramel, bread and a light sweetness keep everything in check. Mars has a bit of a viscous mouthfeel that delivers that dynamic flavor and a moderate (despite the 100 IBUs) hop bite that echoes for a good long while after each sip. Warming and lightly drying, Mars is about as good a double IPA that you are ever going to encounter.

Much like their Hopslam, Bells’ Mars was also only available in limited quantity. Unlike that much more sought after release, this double IPA is probably the better of the two beers — at least in my humble opinion. It hits just the right marks for my own personal preferences with an excellent balance between malt and hop traits. I’m hoping the brewery makes more of this one available next year.